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Emergency & Safety Guide

Drill Codes

CODE RED: Lock down

CODE BLUE: Bomb threat

CODE YELLOW: Hazardous Materials

CODE GREEN: Severe Weather

Evacuation Location

In the unlikely event of a full school evacuation steps will be taken to be sure all students are transported swiftly and safely to a designated "safe" facility. Pierson Elementary School will be our safe site in the event of an evacuation. Our secondary facility in this situation will be McInnis Elementary. We appreciate the cooperation of these two schools. As always, we would do our best to communicate if such an event were to occur.

During any drill at TMHS, staff, students and visitors on campus must follow these guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures.

In a Lock down or intruder on campus, no one is allowed in or out. Doors and hall-ways are locked until an "all clear" is given.

During any threat on campus particularly a bomb threat, students and staff must evacuate to a designated safe area away from the building. Staff are trained to handle such a unwelcomed phone call.

In the event hazardous materials or debris enter the campus or highway; the HVAC system is shut off and staff and students inside until an "all clear" is given.

Severe Weather is fairly common in our area. During any tornado/hurricane watch or warning, staff and students will be given instructions to be prepared.