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Financial aid fee waivers

Financial Aid

Bright Futures Scholarship Program - The State's home page for the Bright Futures Scholarship. Here you will find important information regarding the process of applying for, receiving, and maintaining a Bright Futures Scholarship.

Florida Student Financial Aid Application - This web site provides students, parents, high schools, post-secondary professionals and the public access to student financial aid program information. In addition, visitors can view application requirements and procedures as well as monitor award status.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - Receive and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for aid programs such as Pell Grant, Direct Loans, and Work Study.

Steps to Completing the FAFSA/Pasos para completar la FAFSA

STEP 1: Gather your Documents

-Social Security Number

-Driver's License (if any)

-W-2 tax Forms

-Prior year federal tax return (Dependent students will need parent information)

-Bank statements

-Investment Records

-Untaxed income records


STEP 2: CREATE YOUR FSA ID (for electronic FAFSA filers)

-You will need to create a username and passwork to electronically sign your FAFSA

-A dependent student will also needs a parent to create a FAFSA ID

-Create a FAFSA ID at (may take 3-5 days for identity clearance)

-Keep your FSA ID in a safe place to use again for each year you complete the FAFSA



-Go to  (FAFSA application can be completed in English and Spanish)

-Enter infromation as requested by the application 

-Choose up to 10 schools to receive your FAFSA

-Use the IRS Data Retrieval Toll (located in the application) to transfer tax data automatically 

-Sign the FAFSA with the FDA ID

-Be sure to click SUBMIT

-Keep a copy for your records



-Reivew your Student Aid Report (SAR)

-Make corrections if needed

-Contact the financial aid office of your educational institution should you have additional questions

-Call the FAFSA Help Line at 1-800-433-3243 for more assistance

PASO 1: Reúne tus documentos

-Número de Seguro Social

-Licencia de conducir (si existe)

-Formularios de impuestos W-2

-Declaración de impuestos federales del año anterior (los estudiantes dependientes necesitarán información de los padres)

-Estados de cuenta bancarios

-Registros de inversión

-Registros de ingresos no impuestos



-Tendrá que crear un nombre de usuario y un passwork para firmar electrónicamente su FAFSA

-Un estudiante dependiente también necesitará un padre para crear una identificación de FAFSA

-Crear un ID FAFSA en (puede tardar 3-5 días en la autorización de identidad)

-Mantenga su FSA ID en un lugar seguro para usarlo de nuevo por cada año que complete la FAFSA



-Ir a (la solicitud FAFSA se puede completar en inglés y español)

-Entrar en la entrada según lo solicitado por la solicitud

-Elija hasta 10 escuelas para recibir su FAFSA

-Utilice el peaje de recuperación de datos del IRS (ubicado en la aplicación) para transferir datos de impuestos automáticamente

-Firmar la FAFSA con la identificación de la FDA

-Asegúrese de hacer clic en ENVIAR

-Mantenga una copia para sus registros



-Reivew su Informe de Ayuda Estudiantil (SAR)

-Hacer correcciones si es necesario

-Póngase en contacto con la oficina de ayuda financiera de su institución educativa en caso de que tenga preguntas adicionales

-Llame a la línea de ayuda de FAFSA al 1-800-433-3243 para obtener más asistencia

College Application Fee Waivers

College applications can be expensive, but don’t worry – there are several types of application FEE WAIVERS available.  If you use your fee waivers wisely, you can minimize or even completely eliminate your costs!  Furthermore, there are many colleges and universities that do not have any application fees. Not all colleges accept all fee waivers.  When in doubt, call the admissions office and ask which kinds of fee waivers are accepted.  Refer to the Fee Waiver Guide as a starting point for utilizing college applciation fee waivers.

  • FAFSA Step-by-Step Guide that walks students and families through each question of the FAFSA, including screenshots and explanations and a FAQ page for students with special circumstances. Here is the link