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Clinic Information

Clinic Hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm

If there is a situation while the clinic is closed that cannot wait, the student should report to the front office and someone will provide assistance or get in contact with the nurse.

All students coming to the clinic must have a clinic pass.

Parents, please also be aware of the contact numbers we have on file. If your phone number or contact information changes, please let the school know right away. In a case of an emergency we need to get ahold of the parents immediately. Thank you for your consideration.

Extension #: 23998

A medical reminder to parents

If your student has a potentially life threatening condition (such as asthma, seizures, significant allergies), an Emergency Care Plan must be on file with your school each school year.

Also, students are not allowed to carry medication of any kind on campus without proper authorization. Below are the links necessary to have the proper paperwork on file with School Health Services.

Emergency Care Plan

For students who have a potentially life threatening health condition. Must be completed by physician and parent/guardian. EMERGENCY CARE PLAN

Authorization for student administered epinephrine auto-injector

Authorizes student to carry auto-injector on person. Must be completed by physician and parent/guardian. (For student to keep on person) AUTHORIZATION FOR STUDENT ADMINISTERED EPINEPHRINE AUTO-INJECTOR FORM

Authorization for Student to Self-Administer Medication

Authorizes student to carry prescription (non-narcotic) and over-the-counter medication. Must be completed by physician and parent/guardian. AUTHORIZATION FOR STUDENT ADMINISTERED PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION FORM

Authorization for medication administration by school personnel

Authorizes Volusia County School Board personnel to administer prescription and over-the-counter medication to student. Must be completed by physician and parent/guardian. AUTHORIZATION TO ADMINISTER PRESCRIPTION/ NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION (TO STUDENTS BY SCHOOL PERSONNEL) FORM