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Virtual Open House 2020

Opening Video


Welcome to our Virtual Open House

Parents/Guardians are welcome to click on each of thier student's teachers profile below.

This virtual event is an opportunity to view your student’s learning environment and receive valuable information.

 Parents/Guardians wishing for a more in-depth conference should contact thier student's counselor for a Parent/Teacher Conference.  

Please Complete the Parent Survey below!


Children with health insurance miss fewer days of school, and applying for Florida KidCare is easy.  Any family can apply, and many pay $20 or less per month to insure their children.  Most pay nothing at all.  Click here for additional information with local support in applying.


Kathy Gibbons

Melissa Curran

Laurie LaMondie

Jonathan Pearce

Marisol Rubio

Dr. Rebecca Sampson

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School Counselors

 Fawn Greenberg Akins



 Frank Amatea



    Kim Caime



  Lisette Nazario-Lamplugh


Regina Tyus

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Academic Coaches
 Laura French



 Bonnie Fenwick



Tracy Haigh

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Language Arts
             Maria Conlin
               Tammy Harbaugh
Brittany Jeckovich
David Gillespie
              Stefano Cagnato
Leah Putting 
 Nestor Reyes

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Jessica Cronise


           Dr. Donna DeArman    


               Ruth Erickson

Patrick Gingras


             Serene Henderson


Melinda Mosley



   Jaime Raulerson

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Social Studies
                Mary Costa
                 Sara Brooks
              Antuarn Williams
Ricardo Jaimes

             David Hughes


                Daniel Peters

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             Kinsey Berger
            Amanda Whitmore
   Laura French
              Laura Bechard 
              Whitney Sylvia
               Deborah Milford

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                 Sean Berger


            Richard Gonzalez


           Jonathan Herstein


                  Allie Iozzo 


           Melisse Marheine 


             Karina Mirumyan


                 Anglea Price



             James Sheridan        


            Heather Thyberg

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Non-Core Classes




                  Kyle Hearn 


                Tammi Collins



              Lillie Crowder-May



              Timothy Deary



                Amber Dees



                    Josh Ebert


             Amanda Forstater



               Ian Jackson



                James Kohler


               Jessica McMaster



           Kermit Quisenberry


                 Sharon Smith

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              Donna Braswell


                Beth Rivers


               Seth Mann


          Christopher Cramer



               Carmen Rivera


             Sandra Paumier

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Physical education


                Mark Lebeda


              Bobby Dubberly


             Angela McPhaul


               Tanya Ramos



           Dennis McDermott


             Emily Merriman

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  Nancy Berger 


Theresa Bourke

   Sharon Cemelich


     Jamie Davis 


Laura Dostal  


Jennifer Evans

John Friend

Shari Gamble

Kevin Hiss

Nina North Nadeau

Paula Outzen

Lydia Roberson

Lucy Santiago

Lana Savage 

Rebecca Williams 

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