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T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High Dress Code Policy

Volusia County Schools adopted a student appearance, dress and uniform code for all elementary, middle and high school students. The policy was amended on July 22, 2019 to allow any solid color polo or oxford shirts and school related tee-shirts for high school students. Further, it added three colors for polos and oxford shirts at elementary & middle school: white, gray and black. Schools may select up to two additional school colors for the collared shirts.Complete guidelines can be found in Policy 217.

Q. What is the objective or goal of the uniform policy?

A. The policy states: “The Board finds that school uniforms promote the safety and welfare of students and employees. The Board further finds that uniforms promote an environment that enhances learning and safety; encourages expression of student individuality through personality and achievements rather than outward or material appearance; and creates a sense of school pride and community.” 

Q. How will the uniform policy be enforced?

A. Section III. E. sets forth the section on discipline. It states: For a first offense, a student shall be given a verbal warning without a referral and the parent/guardian shall be contacted. For a second offense, a referral shall be issued and a Level 1 response (from the Code of Student Conduct and Discipline), other than an in-school suspension, shall be issued. For a third offense, in-school suspension, or other Level 1 response, may be issued. A violation of the school uniform requirements shall not result in out-of-school suspension.